Dream Without Fear


A Personal Legend is what a person has always wanted to accomplish. When we are young, every person knows their Personal Legend because at a young age our dreams are big and we dream without fear, but instead with optimism and fervor. “But as time passes, a mysterious force begins to convince [us] that it will be impossible for [us] to realize [our] Personal Legend.”

An unexpected illness, a love we’re afraid of abandoning, fear of failure, or an envious person’s manipulation because they don’t want to witness us achieve something they could not, are all impediments that can destroy our dreams. But the worst reason for not pursuing a dream is believing we don’t deserve it.

Because we do.

I know a book that tells the story of a crystal merchant who has never done one of things the Koran obligated him, as a Muslim, to do – set forth on a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca. It was something he’d desired since he was a small child, but when he grew up, he bought his shop and refused to leave the store in the hands of someone else. So he stayed, and every day, for many years, he watched, through his store window, pilgrims pass happily as they headed for Mecca.

When asked by a young shepherd boy, who was in pursuit of his own Personal Legend, why now the man didn’t go to Mecca, the merchant answered, “Because it’s the thought of Mecca that keeps me alive. That’s what helps me face these days that are all the same…I’m afraid that if my dream is realized, I’ll have no reason to go on living.”

Some people want to realize their dreams, while others are content with merely dreaming about their dreams. But when we ignore our Personal Legend, the omens, signs, will speak to us, and remind us of our calling, but we’ll pretend not to hear. The sounds of the omens will continue and regret will take over us. And maybe the person we love and who loves us back will feel our resentment because they will think they are the ones who kept us from achieving our Personal Legend. And then, after time, “the omens will abandon [us] because [we’ve] stopped listening to them…[we’ll] spend the rest of [our] days knowing that [we] didn’t pursue [our] Personal Legend, and now it’s too late.”

Don’t let it be too late.

I believe life is more than what my eyes can see. I believe in omens. I look for signs. I meditate. I talk to the universe, whether it be the sun, the sky, the stars, the wind, the trees, the moon, or God, and if the universe can talk back, I want to be open in understanding its language. I’m on a journey. I go it alone right now, but I know if my love ever comes, she won’t prevent me from realizing my Personal Legend because true love will ride the journey with me. I know what it is I must do. I know my Personal Legend.

“To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only real obligation.”

But only you can choose your destiny. Not even fate can do that for you.

“And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” But you have to want it so bad that it exists in your every breath and then listen to the universe as it talks to you.

Follow the omens. Trust your heart. Dream without fear.

I’ve read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho three times. And I will read it many more times. It has guided me in my life when I needed it the most, and it will continue to guide me even when I think I need it the least. All the quotes above were taken from this book and all of the thoughts I express were influenced by this book, so really, nothing that I have written is truly of my own expression, but instead were completely inspired by the brilliance of Mr. Coelho.

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Author: Alicia Joseph

I'm an animal lover. I volunteer at a dog shelter and love nothing more than watching neglected or abused animals get their second chance and find loving homes. I'm also an author of the books, Her Name, Loving Again, A Penny on the Tracks, Annabel and the Boy in the Window, and a short story called This Christmas. When I'm not writing, I'm usually reading. I'll read anything as long as it is well-written and has a compelling and beautiful story. You can find me on twitter @AliciaJAuthor.

5 thoughts on “Dream Without Fear”

  1. Having recently discovered your writing I’m back-reading your blogs. I’m always seeking spiritual principles beyond those that were drilled into me when I was a little girl. My evolution from fundamental Christianity began a few years ago with Eckhart Tolle. Thanks to you I now have another author/guide to help me make sense of this life I’ve been given.

    1. Thank you, Angela, for not only reading my book, but my blog too. Good luck on this spiritual journey you’re on. I hope you love The Alchemist. Lol. It’s funny how seductive romance trumps personal eightenment. 😉 Hope you have a great vacation!

      1. Ok, sorry for the duplicate replies. Not tech savvy. Had forgotten about a wordpress account I’d set up once upon a time and wasn’t sure my first attempt had gone through. At any rate, I’d love to swap writing stories with you. My aspirations are kind of all knotted up like a kite in a tree. No time to untangle so all I do is glance at them from time to time. From the opening that I read, you are incredibly talented. Beautiful imagery in those first few pages. If you wouldn’t mind sharing your story, maybe we could share emails via twitter messages. Take care and for the next few days my mind is on VIVA LAS VEGAS!

  2. Having recently discovered your writing I’m now back-reading your blogs. 🙂 Serendipity has guided me on a continuous journey of evolution away from the fundamental Christianity that was drilled into me as a little Midwestern farm girl. This blog is yet another stone placed before me and I’m eager (once finished with Her Name, of course, because somehow seductive romance trumps personal enlightenment) to read The Alchemist. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for such a sweet compliment. I’m so glad you liked the first few pages of my book. Crossing my fingers you’ll feel the same way about the next 94 or so. 🙂 We can definitely chat over Twitter about writing. Please understand that I am sort of new to all this. Her Name is my first book. I’m learning as I’m going and taking everything in stride. I will be happy to share my experience with you if it helps. 🙂
      Good luck in Vegas!

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