I Don’t Feel Like Fishing Anymore…

Recently I perused a couple online dating sites (since I’ve already written in a previous blog about my experience in jumping on a plane at nineteen years old to meet a woman I met online, I won’t pretend that I haven’t been on a dating site before) and I came upon a profile that I first thought had to be fake, only because it read like it was written by a man in 1955.

But I am afraid it’s real…very real.

A 42 year-old woman, (three years older than me) is looking for a woman and this is what she writes:

(I will paraphrase because I’m not sure if I can legally quote her profile word for word.)

– I’m a good woman who treats my lovers good. In return, I only want my lovers to treat me good too. You take care of me, feed me, clean our house, and we can go places together. I need a good old-fashioned woman. I’m a hard-working and deep-loving woman and I need to be taken care of like a man. I want to be respected, obeyed, and generally have things done my way…and you will be happy and loved and respected back. I’m looking for my little woman to move in with me. Unless you are stable and want to pay bills and support my children, I will do it, and you’ll come to be my lil ol’ woman. –

I’m not sure how I resisted the temptation to hit the reply button because she sounds amazing, but I did, and I may need to thank my daily yoga and meditation practice in giving me such self-restraint and willpower. Maybe one day I will regret keeping this fish in the sea for some other lucky “lil ol’ woman” to catch.

Only time will tell if the loss is mine, but I’m pretty certain I won’t lose any sleep over it…Here’s to being single for a little while longer…and that’s quite all right.